Happy pensioners
Happy pensioners
Foam on still waters
Foam on still waters







The first 3 pics are now the right way up – you moaners!

Well, the heating packed in with smoke and smell! We have an 18 yr old boat now and the Webasto heating broke. A man came yesterday and we are awaiting a quote for a new eberspacher  heater! It will be installed Monday and may take 2 days.

We hope to have another man repair the DSC radio today. My planned departure tomorrow for Oostende has failed. The last 2 days have been gales with winds in excess of 35 knots. We had sunshine, winds, thunder storms all in the same day. Temperatures went from hot to cold!

Anyway sightseeing soon.





3 thoughts on “Photos. Corrected and aerial vid

  1. Thanks very much. It was great and our first time seeing a video taken by helicopter.
    We are likely to leave on Wednesday but very early.
    Trevor and Corry

  2. rinus fastanni

    Zit er al verbetering in

  3. wytske sandstra

    Now you have to stay a bit longer maybe you can visit an optician to find out why your view of the world is upside down..

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