We were in Lanzarote until the 21/9/16 when we left for Gran Canaria. We have pics but will need to add them later . ¬†Lanzarote marina is very windy but the staff are great. Tanya, Mel and Christian are worth mentioning amongst many. My crew Peter, Margs and Corry arrived. There were a large number of seminars with the Barbados 50. Some were good and some scary….!! All were tiring. The coach around Lanzarote showed a dry dark vaolcanic landscape….lunar?? The trip to Fuertaventura, showed a different landscape although volcanic. Lovely villages. Both islands are worth an inland tour.

We sailed overnight, the 120 nms to Gran Canaria at las palmas Рan impersonal place. The organisation to check in, get key cards and return them involve  a walk of 1 hr return. All that is needed is a small office at the other end or access to bicycles. They keep to hours of work inconsistent with sailors needs. There are however many facilities for sailors.

The old town is beautiful and is a must. The island is greener than the other 2 previously visited. We went to holiday side with its many tourists, Irish bars, Sports bars and tourist meals….not for us…..but clearly for many. Next stop Santa Cruz Tenerife