The reason that there has been a delay is due to lack of wifi! We went from Bilbao to Santander, which is a basic marina with long walks to the toilets etc.  There is a nice bar above but not much to eat in the evenings. The staff were helpful. There is a restaurant about 10 minutes walk. It is ok. The airport runway is alongside the marina!

We stayed only one night and made our way to Ribadesella, which is our favourite place and the first Ria in Galicia. We moored along the wall with the restaurants alongside. We had to use our fender boards. It was free but no water or electric. We had our best fish meal there. The Ria is beautiful and to be fair they all are!

Sadly, we left next day for Gijon. Here I caught a mullet and we swam in the tidal marina. It was boiling. The new marina has nice staff and bikes are free, however , the town offers little. This was the new harbour but we got Cruising Association discount. We stayed 2 days for a rest. One boat came in with tuna. We have photos to put up later.

We then went to Aviles which does not look much but the old town is nice…..don’t judge a book by its cover! We stayed one night and went to Ribadeo. It is reached by sailing under a tall bridge and leading marks are important. The Marina is nice with restaurants nearby. Diesel means a driive in and long reverse out. The supermarket is up a steep hill but again a pretty Ria.

Viviero was next with an old town. I liked it but it is small. Supermarkets are close. The restaurant at the bus station was friendly and cheap. Food is much less than France.

After that we anchored in a Ria at Cedeiro. Very beautiful with a small town. We left next day for La Coruna for the last night of a medieval fiesta. That is where I caught my mullet. We stayed 3 days and had the engine serviced.

We are in Camarinas where gales have kept us for 3 days but we leave tomorrow with strongish following wind…that is why it is do able. Caraminas is yet another lovely Ria and village.




3 thoughts on “Bilbao, Santander, ribadesella, Gijon, Aviles, Ribadeo,viviero, cedeiro, La Coruna, Camarinas,

  1. Mª Jose y Paco

    Hello friends
    We are very happy to know what is enjoying
    browsing the Cantabrian France, Spain now in the Canary Islands, a great adventure.
    We follow in Cadiz Paco no longer working this pre retirement and I work a lot and swim to ler, visitar’
    exposiciones.Pensabamos have gone to the Algarve in Portugal but was rather to be with you a few days.

    Let’s see if we make a common project nosotris we would love to make a few Greek islands, just before we would have to see what life is like at sea even though they were a few days.

    Continue to enjoy the good eldestino cosasque offers

    We love you kisses

  2. Seriously, though, the next stretch looks wild! Take care, please.

  3. Thank God! I thought you had drowned! Glad you have some mullet to complement your black pudding.

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