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The way to town
The way to town

We arrived yesterday, Friday 16/5/15. We left Oostende at 12.45 and arrived about 6.00pm. It was about 25 nm but we sailed for about halfway but after 3 to 5 knots we motored the rest at 7.5 knots. We stayed at the Port du Grande Plage which gave us a 20% discount as we are members of the cruising association. The passage here was good with som

e sun. There is a need to be careful of a shallow dog leg on the way south.

There is another yacht club marina which I can recommend. It was full when we arrived and will be so for sometime. There is a bar/ restaurant with friendly staff. It is nearer to the centre.

Our Marina has good toilet facilities but wifi is poor. You can get it in the shower! Apparently there is a better system coming. Sit on the toilet until then!

The marina restaurant is not welcoming if you want just a coffee or a beer. It is not ideal for those looking for refreshment after a long trip. You will need to walk to beachside bars ar the centre. Neither are on site. The town is a 20 minute walk but with fish stalls and hops. The beach bars are a 20 min walk.

The harbourmaster was helpful with maps etc. He was friendly and wanted to help we felt. He did not know his customers were being refused service for drinks alone at the restaurant. This restaurant only is common in France but not good for a marina one. We are eating there tonight and we expect the food to be good but we wait to see what the service is like.

As we are cruising we will wait for sun and light winds. This looks like Thursday. We do not mind motoring.

Today Saturday we walked to the market and got a spit roast chicken for tomorrow and a ham for snacks.

We need a supermarket for some booze!

the video

ps got the booze from the supermarket Le Cler (sic) in the centre maritime.