We arrived here about 17.00 yesterday and are leaving today to go to Cameret. The reason that there is no delay is to use light winds and a neap tide for the Chenal du Four which together with the Raz (which is next ) have serious reputations for danger.

We had a slap up fruits de mar yesterday at the Vioden restaurant which was excellent . It had it all except a lobster, which was good as we were bloated!

Engine tests done , and leaving about 10.30 am. I want to be at river entrance about 1 after HW Brest which is 11.00 am.

The marina is fine but showers/toilets need ventilation! …..and modernising.

Corry waiting!
Corry waiting!

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One thought on “L’Aber W’Rach

  1. L’Aber’ach is safe enough, but an impressive entrance between the reefs in blowy weather. The restaurant monk fish stew is recommended, but I suppose you have moved on by now.
    The chanal de four is very wide, and won’t give you any problems in good visibility.
    Making good progress!

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