We left  at 0400 yesterday, 13/5/15 and arrived at 17.30. It was 76 NM ( nautical miles). We had the mainsail up but motor sailed ( engine on as well). The reason was that there was jostle light winds and to sail would take too long. I repaired the water problem and the engine ran well but I found about. 1 to 2 mugs of water in the bilge. Any ideas?

Anyway it was a sunny sail and I am well brown! Corry’s face is turning brown. I was very tired w

Simon - tell him God sent you!
Simon – tell him God sent you!

hen we arrived as, Corry is not well enough to do much.

On the 12/3 there was the start of the North Sea Regatta and we were told that there were 90 boats! There was a lot and it was an exciting start.

And! When we arrived in Oostende there were loads of boats for another regatta and they left at 08.00 today.

We will spend a few days here. I like Oostende very much and the fish is great!

We are parked next to a Swiss couple doing a similar trip.

Simon the harbour master is a great lad who will do all he can to make you happy in your stay. Remember that this is the  first on starboard as you enter. It is the RNSYC OOSTENDE.


We ate lemon sole (£5).  Corry cooked it on the boat for dinner.  Oostende had a great market.

Photos will be added when I find a way to move them from Dropbox !


7 thoughts on “Oostende!!

  1. Kijk even bij comment van Scheveningen.
    Wens jullie al het geluk van de wereld en een hele fijne reis zonder pech !!!!!
    Hoop jullie op de terugreis weer te ontmoeten in Scheveningen.

  2. rinus fastanni

    Het is ook mogelijk zoet water van tank is het zout mogelijk schroef as groeten fastanni rines

  3. Mark chatelier

    Also check your bladder! Are you making your way to the loo!? 😉

    Great to hear you have made a start, love to Corry too, sounds great!!! Xx

  4. rinus fastanni

    Toch nog inoostende heel goed hou onsop dehoogte

  5. Peter Grahame

    Great news that you are moving again.

  6. Please note change of e-mail address.
    I hope Cornelia recovers soon.

  7. Richard and judith

    Good morning Trevor and corrie, re water in the bilge.
    Engine bilge or main bilge?
    If engine bilge , check stern gland for any drips, check.coolant level, check keel bolt
    ( make a well with putty around the bolt), if these are ok then keep an eye on all items associated to raw water cooling system. I always have a cupful of water having motored for a long period of time. Also , having been working on the cooling system you may have trapped a bit of water that has now worked its way through.
    If it is the main bilge, is it fresh water or salt water ?
    Fresh water means a small problem on the domestic side.
    Salt water could be trapped water from previous problem, keel bolts leaking, any sea cocks and through hull fittings such as log/ depth/etc.
    wishing you all the very best , richard and judith.
    P.s. We may be in Calais on Saturday night.

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