Just a quick note to let you know that the position fix for the DSC RADIO is not working! To non sailors, if I press button for distress,  my position is sent automatically to the coastguard. Now it will not be sent. I have emailed my installer in Monnickendam for help. I am reluctant to leave with it unfixed. Further the cockpit tent needs a repair! There is always something!

4 thoughts on “problem !!!

  1. Surely hardy folk like you don’t need a heater this time of year. Trev ought to be able to produce enough hot air himself!
    Seriously- Hope all will be fixed soon.
    We’ll be watching you.

    Phil and Babs babe

  2. Nothing comes easy that’s worth having!
    Stick with it shipmates!

  3. and here a further reaction from my parents…
    They advise you to stay in Holland,,,because if you just wait, there is nice weather coming…and if you just stay, they can visit you….hihi
    Regards from Fast Ann…..

    rinus jr

  4. Hi Trevor and Wife
    This is a comment from rinus nienhuis jr.
    Yes the son of my father Rinus and his wife Ann
    Nice to read that you update your trip on this site
    , that you share it with us
    My father and mother notified me on this site of you
    Maybe you can have a look on some photo’s on this site because they have been placed upside down…
    i wish you a good journey and greetings from my parents
    rinus jr

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