Foam on still waters
Foam on still waters
Cockpit tent
Cockpit tent
En route
Flat calm
A drink in the sun
A drink in the sun


We left IJmuiden at 10.00 and arrived at 14.15. It was impossible to sail as there was no wind as you can see from the pics.  We saw 4 porpoises feeding in a wind lane of froth. Corry saw a seal and thought that she may have seen a spout from a whale. The weather today the 2/5/15 was hot. It was a grand motor to here. The weather is expected to get worse until next Friday.  We will stay until then as being on a pension we can wait for kind winds.

We had a drink in the sun and a meal at the Havenpaleis, which was tasty, being fish. I am in bed now! 20.30 Dutch time and knackered. Oh yes, after we put up the cockpit tent , the zip broke and needs repairing on Monday.

We have a hydrovane which great for mileage but no good manoeuvring in a marina due to the rudder. I will try to take it off until a long trip.



5 thoughts on “Scheveningen

  1. The beer was OK then!?

  2. rinus fastanni

    We hopen voor jullie dat het weer mee gaat zittenzoniet blijf in nederland doe je corry en plezier

  3. Margi Rousseau

    Wow! Glad to hear you are not getting the weather we are. And congratulations for starting the adventure. Look forward to following your progress and joining you along the way. Deck shoes are getting excited! xx

  4. Please try to get pics right way up,cannot correct it myself.enjoy the dutch food!!!Hope weather gets better for you. Love wyts

  5. Richard and judith

    Hi, great to see you on your way. Wishing you all the best as always.

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