what next? Now there is no raw water to the engine. The men are fitting the new heating system as I write. The DSC man comes tonight. I have checked the stopcock and up to and including raw water filter. It seems I may have to replace the impeller! I hope all the bits are there otherwise I must remove the expansion tank and heat exchanger.


2 thoughts on “Still more problems

  1. Ik wens jullie alle geluk van de wereld en hoop jullie op de terugweg nogmaals in Scheveningen te mogen begroeten.
    Geniet van de reis !!!! Maar dan wel zonder pech.

  2. Must be a thing with you and boat engines. Wasn’t it impeller failure when we were sailing your last boat back to the UK? Anyway, just as well, as the weather is still a bit iffy. Don’t forget a spare impeller for your tool kit. No handy mechanics when you are offshore!

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