• This post will be improved with an amazing video from Sabba , who with Joan sailed with 525 nm from Lagos PT  to lanzerote marina. The marina is fantastic . We were running with twin headsails in 35 knots on the final day. Before reefing , the boat clocked 9 knots!! Also I caught and lost 2 fish. One was smallish, and I lost it by giving it slack. The second was enormous and stripped line from the reel . A mess up with line at the reel caused it to drop the hook but it was never going to be landed as it was too large. The problem is how to fish from a yacht with twin headsails , doing 6-7 knots? It is hard to to stop at short notice!

The trip was a learning curve. It takes 2-3 days for my tummy to feel normal but then I seemed to get used to life on board. Good food for the first week is important for something to look forward to. Reading etc is important.

We did  4 hours on and 8 off during the night. The shifts need to be rotated amongst 3 people.  During the day 1 hr on and 2 off seemed to work when we remembered to use it.

However there were no boats really out there!

The nights required coats but the days were warm. All that said , getting to land was great. Also I did miss my wife Corry who cannot sail due to illness currently.





This is a link to the BEST VIDEO BY SABBA